The Cost of Running a Biodiversity Advocacy Organization

I have lately been interested in ascertaining how much it costs to run a biodiversity advocacy organization. This is because, as I said in the last blog post, I am seriously considering setting up an organization to advocate for biodiversity conservation. I have already gotten rough estimates of how much it is likely to cost me initially, to get the organization up and running. What I am now trying to figure out is how much it is likely to cost me to keep the organization running, once I manage to set it up.

I appreciate that one expense that is likely to consume a lot of money is that of hiring premises for the organization.  Of course, I have the option of running the advocacy out of my home office. But I reckon that I am likely to be more credible if I run it from a proper office.

I also appreciate that another expense that is likely to consume quite a bit of money is that of paying the staff salaries. I reckon that I have the option of either paying the staff directly, or using an online payroll accounting solution. One online payroll accounting solution that I am really considering signing up for is the one that is known as Securitasepay. Reading through the various online reviews, it has become clear to me that the said Securitasepay payroll solution is one that is very well regarded. That is therefore the solution I am considering using in paying my workers. But the first concern is, of course, that of figuring out where I will be getting the money to pay the workers. Then the technicalities of preparing the payroll can be dealt with later.

It is also clear to me that I will have to incur other overheads, while running the biodiversity advocacy organization. It is obvious that I will have to spend quite a bit of money fueling the organization’s vehicles. It is also obvious that I will have to spend lots of money publishing the literature to push my advocacy message. A bit of money may also go into things like organizing advocacy meetings and buying media airtime to push the advocacy message.

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